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website purposeAs a web design agency this is the first thing we think of every time when we start a new project. Defining the main purpose of a website. Also this is the first thing we carry out in the process of web design and web development. Discovering the client needs and understanding the nature of their business. Analyzing this helps us to understand how a website can help nurture them online. Also this helps us to determine how a website can serve its purpose online. How a website can potentially benefit and achieve all of the client’s hopes and dreams.

If you are planning to get your business online or if you are thinking of establishing a new website you might have several questions. What is the purpose of a website? What does a website do? Will my business benefit from having a website? Do I really need a website when I can promote my business online through social media’s? Can I communicate my company mission to the right audience through website? Since the internet is widely used and serves different purpose the answer to most of these questions lies in you, your business, your prospect and your needs. Here we’ve answered all the questions that comes to your mind when you think about website. Website purpose, benefits of having a website and how different websites serves different purposes.

What is the purpose of a website and do I really need one?

If you already own a website and if you can’t tell what it’s trying to achieve then your website fails to serve its purpose online. Without a strategic though if you establish a website it may end up under-performing and nonproductive. It is the main struggle for most companies when they newly establish their website online. This is the reason why we put more effort towards creating a powerful strategy before starting any project.

Over the years having worked with wide range of industries most prospective clients have asked us and still have this question. Have you done a project before or ever created a website for this industry? The reason being is as you can guess each and every business is unique and so their intended audience are. They want to know whether if we can shape a website that’s purposeful for their company. In short, YES! We definitely can and will. Also we had a good fortune and have created many success stories working with different types of clients and industries.

It’s clear that you are the one that have to create a purpose for your website. Are you willing to sell your products and services online to generate revenue. Are you looking for a way to market and promote your organization.  Interested in creating a digital identity for your offline business. Thinking of creating a website to allow customers to interact with your organization. Are interested in providing free information and resources to online community. Whether you are willing to have a personal website or whether you are looking to design a website to build your reputation.

Informational, educational, inspirational or promotional. Whatever it is; we as a digital design and marketing agency will make your prospect and your ideas bring into reality. Also being in digital era its simple and you know the answer to other question. Do I really need a website? Yes, Definitely, just think of how the whole world is connected digitally. Imagine the possibilities! Alright, let’s now jump into different types of websites and what purpose they serve online.

The purpose of a digital Agencies

We would like to start this from our company. As a digital design and marketing agency what is the objective of our website, our website purpose and mission. We are here to take your business to the next level and our business is to get your business noticed online. The core purpose of our website is to improve the visibility of your business in any means possible. We provide quality web design, graphics, web development and effective marketing solutions.

Since Mixt Art is all about creating digital impression its must that we first need to possess a website. Our website easily gratifies all the visitors who visits our website and convince them to have a website. Our website simply mediates our quality, reputation, commitment and knowledge towards web and digital. Not just that, our website also serves as a purpose to offer exceptional customers service to our clients to further improve their digital experiences.

Purpose of personal websites

The cost of running and maintaining a website is not that high at all as you think; especially private website. It only costs a dime to have a personal website which you can easily host in shared servers. Considering this most people started having personal websites for many reasons. The purpose varies greatly when it comes to personal website. A fan created celebrity website to show the popularity and to express their feelings. A couple having a wedding website to showcase their invitation and wedding pictures. A music fanatic sharing views of bands and his/her music collection. A person sharing his traveling pictures, ideas and opinions to their friends and family via his/her website. Most of these are literally a blog with each having different purpose which we’ll discuss about it later.

The purpose of entertainment website

The purpose of entertainment website is so simple, to entertain their audience. Yet, Entertainment website are the one that needs huge work and maintenance considering the amount of traffic flow. Entertainment website are the ones that people keep visiting often due to enormous amount of content being posted regularly. Users engage a lot in such websites and most new users often bookmark them for easy access. Examples of such sites are YouTube, IGN, IMDB, Rolling Stone, Netflix, Time Magazine, National Geographic, 9GAG etc. Anything that’s related to entertainment media such as News, Magazines, Sports, Games, Music, Movies, TV shows, Stories, Drama and Dance. If you are interested in creating a website that’s main purpose is to provide entertainment then you must focus on supplying more content regularly. This is how you engage your visitors and make them keep visiting your website often.

Purpose of products and service based business websites

Are you running any sort of business? Local business, International, services based business, selling merchandise, manufacturing business, franchise, non-profit, cooperative, partnership etc. If you are into any kind of business it’s must that you should have a website. While the purpose and objectives of each and every business varies the reason to have a website is all the same. Website acts as a 24 hours online store front of your business and organization. Your customers can view your products and services anytime they want. Website offers easy communication between you and your customers. Also growth of any company can easily determined from how well their customer service is. Your website is not only a store front but also acts as a place for you to offer excellent customer support. By making everything readily accessible you can easily gain trust and reputation from your customers.

As we said the purpose of each and every business website varies. The purpose of website like us, that is service based website is to convert site visitors into customers. This is achieved by different means based on the strategy of one’s business and target market. By displaying portfolio of your previous works. Showing positive testimonials of your current customers. By dominating search engine ranking pages for target keywords that your potential customers search.  By Promoting an genuinely attractive offer to your prospective customers. Collecting visitors information through online forms which provides a wonderful source to generate leads and prospect.

E-commerce website purpose:

While the purpose of service websites is to convert visitors to customers, the purpose of product based website is to sell their products. A good example of e-commerce website is Amazon and eBay. 24×7 online shopping portal where people can purchase anything at anytime they want. Direct sales, business to consumers, business to business sales or even a small home based business. By opening an online store you can make huge profit and can take your physical offline store to a whole new level. Not only that, e-commerce websites also acts as purpose to provide knowledge base, catalogues and huge amount of information about the products and merchandise.

To succeed in e-commerce, a website must serve their customers effectively. It must be fast and clear in design. It should allow visitors to research and compare the products. The checkout process should be secure, easy and smooth. It should be mobile friendly, flexible and moreover within the site there shouldn’t be any marketing material that forces customers to purchase something specific.

The purpose of social media websites

Social media website competes equally with entertainment based websites in terms of traffic because of the huge community that it creates. Websites like Micro blogging (Twitter) , Social Network (Facebook, Google+), Forums and Discussion boards (Stack Exchange), Social Curation (Pinterest) and  Social Bookmarking (Reddit) comes under social media. The purpose of social media website is to build a network connection for online communications. It’s a community based website that allows users to share, connect, interact and communicate. Social medias are not only used for personal purpose to connect with friends, family and acquaintances. But it also helps users to learn and gain huge knowledge on their interests from related communities. Aside from this it also serves as medium to promote business and to connect with current and future customers.

The purpose of blogs / reference and informational website’s

Blog and informational website are both different kinds but somehow they have a similarity. These websites publish content consistently and users find tons of useful information from these websites. Blogs can easily be created using free blog publishing services like and blogger but you’ll never have full access. This is why most advise to run a blog of your own where you don’t only have full control but you can also easily gain reputation from your regular readers.

Blogs are usually run by a one person or a small group that supplies content regularly on specific topic that they are familiar with. Whereas the purpose of informational websites is to provide information to all types of users, a good example is Wikipedia and Wiki how. They contain huge information and knowledge base about anything and everything. Similar to informational website comes educational website that are run by Schools and Colleges. These website supply references on specific subject, course and syllabus to their students. It also helps teachers to connect with respective parents to share opinion about students and the things that’s happening within the institute.

Benefits of having a website

objectives and purpose of a website

After reading all the purpose of different kinds of website we hope that you might be convinced to have a website for yourself or for your organization. However we still thought of pointing out few main reasons to have a website and how you can benefit from them.

1. Branding and online presence: No matter the size of your business is, the credibility of your business will greatly improve just by having a website. It gives a professional impression to your organization.

2. Having a website makes everything readily accessible to your customer all the time: Customers can know about your products, services, store timings etc directly from your website.

3. Full control and complete freedom: Unlike Facebook page and website on and blogger you can decide on the looks and functionality of your website. This enhances your brand perception even more.

4. Website saves you money: Think of all the money that you spend on news paper and TV ads. Website is an effective promotional material. It describes your expertise, builds reputation, generate leads and nurtures sales.

5. Website helps your business target and reach a wider market: With proper SEO strategy you can easily position your website for specific keywords in SERPs which steals your competitors business.

6. Website takes the customer service experience to the next level: With website you are not only improving your brand visibility but also gaining huge trust from your customers by offering impressive support through website.

So, what is the purpose of a website? Hope you have the answer already. At Mixt Art we first understand your purpose, create a powerful strategy and then we design and develop your website accordingly. By knowing your end goal we create exceptional and most efficient website for your business. Moreover the website we create builds your brand reputation and nurtures sales naturally.

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