Want to grow your business online? Great! Your online success starts with a great website. Anyone can create a website. At Mixt Art we create custom web design that communicates your brand message and strengthens credibility. Website we design; deliver unique and engaging user experiences turning your site visitors into your customers.

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Your website is the main hub and the digital presence of your business online. It is the most powerful marketing and communication tool to drive results. A successful website is the one that servers its purpose effectively. It turns prospective users into customers on its first impression. It convey key messages, creates deeper brand engagement, generate leads and drive sales. Design must have a purpose since it is the most crucial element for user experience. Attractive looks and quality graphics don’t just make a website great. A great website will impress your users and it serves its purpose efficiently. You decide on your website purpose. Whether you want your customers to buy your products or convince them to be as a customer for your services. We bring in your ideas and goals into reality. We specialize in building remarkable website designs that plays its role and achieves your business goals.

A website is a necessary tool and a game changer for nearly every organizations. Our main focus is to help organizations achieve all their business goals digitally. We achieve that by building website that are aesthetically pleasing and user-centric. Our design reflects your business quality and maximizes the brand credibility as a result it causes huge impact on conversion. We design and develop websites that not only looks attractive, but also drive leads, nurtures sales and generate measurable results. We design websites with you in mind that are build for your customers which delivers, responsive, fast and unique web experience. We’ve successfully created custom web designs and web applications for wide range of industries. Website’s we build are fast, easy to navigate, beautiful, responsive, adaptable, customizable and operates flawlessly.


  • I'm totally new to website. Where do I start

    Not to worry. From start to launch we’ll collaborate with you to ensure the project meets your requirements. Also we guide you through your online success. You can start the project from anywhere and you don’t have to meet us in person. All our communication occurs via email or phone. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your business objectives and goals.

  • What size business and industry types do you serve

    We work and have worked with all size businesses. From small business to startups to large corporations. Also we serve all type of industries. Our primary goal is to provide web solutions that meets your budget and requirements.

  • How long will it take for you to complete the website

    Timelines vary greatly depending on how big and how complex the project is. During the initial stage we describe you about the deadline of your project and we tend to finish before that.

  • What is your approach towards web design and development

    Throughout the entire process we work alongside with you to make sure the project turns successful. You can find our approach towards web design and development at the bottom of this page.

  • Will I be able to update and make changes to my website

    Sure, you can go ahead and make changes to your website as you wish. Our support team will train you in using and editing your website.

  • I have a server, do I still have to host with you

    Web server plays a huge role towards the success of a website so if you have a good reliable server you are totally fine to host your website on your own server. However we would like to let you know that we are offering free server space for 1 year as as a complement for being part of our service. Its dedicated server and we assure you 99.8% uptime.

  • What kind of support do you provide

    We provide free 24 / 7 tech support. Apart from this we also offer maintenance support at a reasonably low cost. We do our best to resolve all your queries as quick as possible.

  • What other services do you offer apart from website design

    We are complete digital design and marketing agency. We transform your business online, we build brands and digital products. View our service page to know more about our expertise.

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Clear Navigation
Mobile Friendly
Smooth Functionality
Originial Content
Outstanding Design
SEO Friendly
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Clean Code
Ideal Typeface
Well Structured
Strong Branding
User Friendly

Whatever the type of business is, we design custom, user-friendly, modern and high quality websites that are meant to perform.


We know each and every project is unique. At Mixt Art websites we develop are custom web designed based on client requirements or particular business. From graphical elements to user interface to layouts; everything is custom tailored to make your website distinct.

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Take full advantage of mobile traffic and never miss a client. Websites we design and develop are 100% responsive. Our web designs are highly adaptable that can be viewed on any device. With great mobile friendly web design your client base will expand immensely.

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Want to sell your products and merchandise online? Primary goal of each and every online store is to make huge sales. We know how to build a successful E-commerce web design that makes your visitors spend more time shopping. All our web designs are conversion optimized.

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Are you fed up with your current web design and is it performing poorly in terms of traffic and conversion? Not to worry, we give life to your existing website. We redesign the whole website from scratch using our technology that stands out and attain its full potential.

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Design must please your users on its first impression, it should enhance user experience. It should make the person feel better when they are interacting with your website. We understand your users needs and we improve accessibility and usability of your website and digital products.

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Landing pages are stand alone webpage mainly designed for marketing campaigns to attain the intended conversion goal. We understand your objectives and design top notch landing page for your brand to shine online. It convince your site visitors and turns traffic into sales.

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Our Capabilities

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Identity / Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Content Writing
  • Competitive Data Analysis
  • SEO Copywriting
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Management Systems

Search Engine Optimization

You’re not finished once the website is launched. It is just the beginning and we can help increase your website’s online visibility to greater extent.

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Website Maintenance

Tired of updating and don’t like seeing your website getting outdated. Leave it to us and save your time. We take care of regular maintenance and updates of your website.

A Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency that delivers innovative and customer focused solutions.


So how does your web design company design a website that is attractive, innovative and custom tailored to ones business? We have years of experience and having worked with variety of business we’ve created an efficient process that works well. Our process helps us to shape unique, responsive, fast and versatile websites that meets our clients requirements. Here is a quick overview of how we work from start to end.


Before we start any project we first research and understand clients business, their competition, their needs, goals and propositions.


Next we create a powerful strategy that guides us to complete the project successfully. At the same time it also helps us to save time and resources.


From the details which we collected and by using our strategy our designers starts to work on the design that defines their brand.


Once the design is approved our developers proceed to create a complete website. During this phase we ensure that all quality standards are met.


We ensure if the site is functioning properly and submit the website to our clients for final approval. Once they are satisfied the website goes live.


We are growth driven digital agency. Once the project is finished we provide additional support, promote your website and guide you through online success.

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Our web designs meet current digital standards. We maintain important characteristics and guidelines that are required for a website. You are just one step away from having a website that beats your competition.

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