web design, web development and marketing blogMixt Art, as a digital design and marketing agency we’ve been receiving a lot of questions and suggestions from our clients and other community peoples. It’s about designing a digital product that sets a new generational standard. About creating a profitable blog that boost audience engagement. Regarding search engine optimization and dominating their competition in search engine ranking pages. Tweaking websites for search engines and users. Adding gorgeous UI (User Interface) to websites and web applications. Designing beautiful, appealing and inspiring graphics for the web. Starting a online business that converts. Creating a successful email marketing. Running an effective social media campaign. Questions, strategies, how-to’s, tips and guides on anything and everything that’s related to web and digital.

All this while we were answering all their questions, sharing our thoughts, ideas and guiding them directly through emails. We were so glad until we realized that more number of people with same concerns and questions are missing out on huge resources, knowledge and ideas just because we are not blogging. Internet is a place where information is available in abundance and blogging is the powerful way to foster new ideas and spread the knowledge. Everyday everyone is looking for unique, easy and comprehensive answers where they can attain clear, detailed solution on their subject. This is the reason Mixt Art has decided to create a blog that supplies useful, innovative and inspiring content constantly and that to at free of charge because information should be FREE.

We’d love to see the web a better place and as a web agency we are wholeheartedly working towards it. Moreover we take pride in helping the online community and so apart from this blog we also have FREE SEO tools that helps people to improve their website in search engines. Also we are offering free themes and web templates to inspire you. We thought our little contribution helps people who are looking to attain knowledge that helps improve their digital presence and take their online business to the whole new level. Not just that; we know that by blogging we can develop deeper relationship with our clients and create a strong community for ourselves.  We are here finally with our web design, web development and marketing blog that will be publishing tutorials and articles on current web trends, challenges and technologies.

This weblog is dedicated to web designers, developers,  marketers, bloggers, graphic designers and entrepreneurs. Every week regularly we will be posting a minimum of 5 posts covering topics on new possibilities, tutorials, tool, theme recommendations, guides, freebies, tips, tricks and techniques.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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A team at Mixt Art is dedicated towards publishing quality articles, how to guides, resources, tutorials, tips and tricks.

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